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Alumni Band

We have major construction going on in the Neosho School District. Two of the projects currently underway at the high school are for a new band suite (where many of our classes would occur) and a Performing Arts Center (where many of our performances would happen). The project is still some time away from completion, but we would like to begin planning our first performance in the venue. Currently, that performance would be planned sometime April 2023, but that could still change depending on construction schedule. At that first performance I would like to invite alumni to get out their old instruments and share the stage and perform with our current band students on a piece. This is symbolic of our storied past, along with our current students as we build towards the future of our program. Whether you have not played in some time, or you have continued on after leaving school, then you still have the opportunity to perform in this new facility with both current and past members of our band program. As an added bonus, Mr. Kelso has agreed to conduct the ensemble for that shared performance. For us to plan, get you materials, as well as an effort for me to better communicate with past alumni, we have a short form to fill out. We look forward to having you share this experience with us in these incredible additions to our campus!


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