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HS State Large Group

The Missouri State Large Group Contest is upon us! Our schedule for Monday, April 8 is as follows:

9:30 All band students get your instrument & music, and load the bus.

9:45 Depart High School

10:20 Arrive at Webb City High School / check-In and unload

11:05 Concert Band Warm-Up


11:55 Concert Band Sight-Reading

12:20 Concert Band load bus

12:25 Concert Band depart for lunch

12:30 Concert Band fast food lunch (will need money)

1:30 Concert Band depart for school

2:10 Return, unload bus, return to class

10:50 Symphonic Band depart for lunch

11:00 Symphonic Band fast food lunch (will need money)

12:00 Symphonic Band depart lunch to go back to Webb City High School

12:05 Symphonic  Band arrive at Webb City HS rest room / assemble instruments

12:40 Symphonic Band warm-up


1:30 Symphonic Band Sight-Reading

1:55 Symphonic Band load the bus

2:05 Symphonic Band depart for Neosho

2:40’ish’ Sympbonic Band arrive in Neosho.  Unload bus, and then head home.

What you need to bring: your instrument, music in a black binder with your clean name plate inside, concert clothes, as well as all sticks/mallets, reeds, valve oil/cork grease, etc. Symphonic Band (money for lunch)

WHAT TO WEAR? Students without proper attire may be left behind

Boys - black dress slacks (NO JEANS, SHORTS, nor CARGO PANTS), Black dress shoes (NO TENNIS SHOES), black socks, black belt as well as a white collared dress shirt (no writing on shirt or undershirt).   No patterns.  Black tie and jacket are optional.

Girls - black dress pants, black dress, or black skirt (knee length or longer) with a white blouse or white dress top.  Dress shoes.  Heel is okay (3” or less), but prefer flats as we move around.

Remember, you are representing yourself, the band, the school, and all of Neosho! Be courteous to other groups and to each other!  Please conduct yourselves accordingly at each location!


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