We have a number of ensembles in the Neosho band program. We have about 450 students involved in 6 different concert bands, 2 jazz bands, and marching band, as well as various solos, small ensembles, chamber groups, indoor drum line, and an indoor color guard.

Wildcat Pride Marching Band

This organization is one of the largest and most visable in the entire Neosho School District. This is a co-curricular performance organization that is in conjunction with the concert program. The Wildcat Pride Marching Band is a competitive ensemble that focuses on visual responsibilities in addition to musicianship. This ensemble performs during home football games, marching competitions, pep rallies, parades, and other community activities. This ensemble meets regularly outside of the school day. Co-enrollment in a concert ensemble is a pre-requisite.

Jazz Ensembles

We have three performing jazz bands. The Jazz Ensemble is a co-curricular competitive jazz band at that meets regularly as a class at the high school. Jazz Too is an extra-curricular high school ensemble that meets outside of the school day. We also have the JH Jazz Band which are two 1 semester co-curricular courses. Participation in a concert ensemble is a pre-requisite of being in the jazz bands. These are auditioned ensembles with limited instrumentation. Students in these groups learn various jazz styles and improvisation skills. They perform regularly at concerts as well as community events, and contests.

Concert Ensembles

Our concert ensembles are the cornerstone of our band program. In the middle school we have the Beginner Band.  In the JH we have the JH Concert Band, and JH Symphonic Band.  In the high school we have the Concert Band, Symphonic Band and String Orchestra. Emphasis is placed on fundamental technique in these ensembles: breathing, tone quality, intonation, articulation, development of range, music reading skills, etc. These ensembles perform two to four concerts a year as well as participate in various festivals and competitions as deemed appropriate.

Additional Ensembles

Additional ensembles are extra-curricular. These ensembles comprise mostly of chamber groups with both mixed and homogenous instrumentation. For example, percussion ensemble, brass choir, and woodwind choir and smaller subsets. We also have a performing indoor drumline and competing indoor color guard when interest and student availability are in line.