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2024 Wildcat Pride Information

We are already planning for our 2024 season. Here is our schedule and some important information.

Wildcat Pride Marching Band 2024 Summary

Important Dates:

Wed. March 13 – Perc Mini-Camp 3:30-5pm

Tues. March 26 – Informational Meeting (High School Band Room @6:30pm)

Wed. March 27 – Perc Mini-Camp 3:30-5pm

Wed. April 3 – Perc Auditions 3:30-5pm

Mon. April 8 - Color Guard Aud 4-6:00 @JH

Wed. April 10 - Leadership Apps Due

Wed. April 10 - Color Guard Aud 4-6:00 @JH

Tues. April 16 - Color Guard Aud 4-6:00 @JH

Wed. April 17 – Color Guard Aud 4-6:30 @JH 

Thurs. April 18 - Drum Major Auditions

Wed. May 1 - $25 deposit due

May 6-May 8 – FULL BAND 

(Marching Primer @ the JH) 3:30-5:15 pm

July 22-24 - Section Leader Camp 8-4pm

July 25-26 – Perc./Guard Camp 8-4pm

July 29 – Perc./Guard/SectionLeader/Freshman Camp 8-4pm

July 30-Aug 2 – FULL Band Camp 7-4

Aug 5-Aug 9 – FULL Band Camp 7-4 & 7-7

Fri. Aug 9 – Parent Preview 6pm

Aug 12, 13, 15 – Evening Rehearsals 5:30-7pm

Sat. Aug 17 – PRIDE NIGHT 6pm-9pm

Fri. Sept 6 – Home Football Game 

Tues. Sept 10 - Evening Rehearsal 6pm-8pm

Thurs. Sept 19 - Homecoming Parade

Fri. Sept 20 – Home Football Game 

(HOMECOMING) & dance hosted by band

Sat. Sept 21 – Carl Junction Comp

Fri-Sat Sept 27-28 - Bands of America Des Moines Regional

Fri. Oct. 4 – Home Football Game 

Sat. Oct 5 – Valhalla Comp (Springfield)

Thurs. Oct 10 – Evening Rehearsal 6pm-8pm

Fri. Oct. 18 – Home Football Game (Senior Night)

Sat. Oct 19 - State Marching Championships (Columbia Area)

Fri. Oct 25 – Home Playoffs (TBD) 

Holiday Parades TBA

What's so great about Marching Band?

Marching Band is an opportunity for students to perform, create music, and compete together.  The atmosphere among the band community is unbelievably supportive, nurturing and fun.  Being a member of the Neosho High School Wildcat Pride Marching Band will give your child valuable educational and social experiences. They will work hard and experience many triumphs, as well as some hardships and disappointments – things that will prepare them for the “real world” and life after high school. What they experience will be remembered fondly throughout their lives

For parents, marching band lets you be a part of your child’s life at a time when you may be feeling less and less needed or welcomed. Sharing the marching band experience with your child will give you memories that are precious. Through marching band, you’ll see your child grow from an adolescent to a young adult…and you’ll be extremely proud of their involvement and achievements in the program.

Parents what to expect during Marching Season.....

Marching season is mid/late July through early November (with some additional events later).  Some sections like marching percussion and the color guard have additional rehearsals throughout the year. We suggest that you frequently check the band’s website at and specifically the calendar. Directors give information to the students as well as post on the website, Facebook, and through text alerts, and even Parent Square.  The season starts with band camp, which can be quite taxing on the student due to the physical nature of the activity doubled with the weather.  The students have a number of performances in parades, football games, and competitions to prepare for.  

Band Camp 

Band Camp is the beginning of the marching season.  It is when students learn a lot of their marching routine and show music.  Rookie members sometimes question their desire to join the marching band during band camp in the heat. Encourage them to stick with it! Hopefully their love of music and performance will assist in their decision.  Students often change their mind once they get accustomed to the program, adapt to the heat, start making friends, and begin feeling more confident. This is especially so after competition.  Lunch is not provided during camp, so students need to take their lunch or have money to go get something to eat.  There are a few evening rehearsals during band camp.  Dinner will be provided to students on 12-hour day rehearsals.  

Parent Preview Night

At the end of the summer band camp, the Wildcat Pride Marching Band hosts a “Family Preview Night” performance to showcase their accomplishments! This will be Friday, August 9 at Bob Anderson Stadium and is open to all your family & friends! Students will wear their alternative marching uniform which will be khaki shorts and their band t-shirt. 

Marching Rehearsals 

Once school begins, during marching band season - EVERY morning there is ‘early’ rehearsal that begins at 7:00 a.m. on the practice field. This includes Mondays that are late start for the high school, regardless of student card status.  Additionally, there are weekly sectionals set by each section..  Attendance at these rehearsals is required. Please consider transportation.  Car-pooling is a great way for students to develop camaraderie.  Communication with directors is important if there are conflicts with other school activities.  Other school activities will be excused as long as proper notification has been presented in a timely manner. (Minimum of 2 weeks notice provided on written documentation).


  • Standard Marching Uniform: Students need their own black athletic shorts (worn under their uniform) & black knee high socks - Refer to page 5 of your band handbook for details. The uniform will be fitted and assigned to your child but the uniform remains at school on an assigned uniform cart or on the trailer. Students do not eat while in uniform.  Band boosters assist with the uniform fitting shortly after band camp.  If you can help, please join us as we need parent assistance for uniform fittings. 

  • Alternate Uniform: Students need khaki shorts AND blue jeans that they will wear with this season’s band t-shirt for certain events and will be more comfortable than the band uniform.

Football Games 

All students will report to practice prior to the start of the game at 5pm. This will be a short rehearsal to prepare for the evening game.  Afterward, students will change into their uniform and warm-up with their section. Pregame-the band will perform the school fight song and national anthem. During the game, they sit in a designated section of the home stands. Parents and friends are not allowed to sit within the band, but are welcome sit together in the nearby section around the band. The band plays their field show as halftime entertainment. After half-time, the students are given a break for the 3rd quarter and boosters provide drinks for the band members before returning to the stands. After the game, the band will march back to the band room; turn-in their uniforms, complete responsibilities, get final announcements, and are dismissed.   This is at ALL home football games (~4-5 a year) in addition to any home playoff games as necessary due to the team’s success.

Color Guard

A unique section of the marching band is known as the color guard.  The color guard is a group of students who represent the character of the show.  These students interact in performance through dance as well as use of other color guard equipment such as flag, sabre, and rifle.  The color guard has additional fees outside of the band.  They have many specific items such as guard gloves, their rifle, dance shoes, and their own uniform.  The uniform is separate year to year to match the specific show theme.  It may be a personal outfit, or a custom guard uniform.  Prices on uniforms can vary year-to-year but for this season would not exceed $90.  The color guard is an auditioned group.  Color guard students can be new to band, or have played an instrument for years and choose to audition for color guard during marching season.  The color guard has additional clinicians and instructors in addition to the directors.

Field Crew

As our program has grown as well as the activity in general, so has the need for a dedicated group of students to help manage many material, equipment, and logistical demands of the organization.  Duties include: moving props and equipment, assisting with sound reinforcement, and help manage the flow while traveling.  This is a positive group of students who may have little to no band nor music experience.  This is an opportunity for them to become part of a dynamic team like the Wildcat Pride Marching Band.  These students will take band as a class for the fall.  Their schedule may independently fluctuate different from the band.

At Competitions 

  • Competitions are typically on Saturdays, but our band performance times are different each week.  Once our performance time is set by the host school (often only a week or two before the competition).  It will be announced on the website and to your students. For planning purposes, you can consider band competitions to last all day and evening.

  • Marching band competitions are like track meets or athletic tournaments where many different schools compete/perform. For the band, competitions are their “game days.” Band competitions typically are hosted by another school’s band program and take place in their football stadium. Bands that perform are critiqued and ranked in different areas of marching band performance by qualified judges. Typically, there is a preliminary round of competition with awards ceremony in the late afternoon followed by a finals competition in the evening that consist of the top 10-12 bands from prelims. If we make finals, our students will be performing again and attend the finals award ceremony at the end of Finals Competition.  We usually perform in finals. 

  • Parents, please come to competitions if possible. The band benefits from your support as a cheering section in the stands.  It’s so much fun to be able to see and hear the show!  Additionally, you can help the band in a variety of ways such as helping with uniforms, moving equipment, feeding the band, etc. Parking for the buses is typically in a separate location from parents but you are welcome to bring a chair and walk to the band at the buses to help or just hang out. If you prefer to just watch the performance, that’s okay too. Competitions are a fundraiser for the host school, so there is an admission fee charged to attendees (not to marching band members). There are also concessions and other band-related merchandise available for purchase. Students should have money to purchase at least one meal during competition days, which can last as long as 12-14 hours.  Band boosters in conjunction with the band directors provide at least one meal each competition day. To assist with this, boosters also take donations of a variety of items each week that are listed on the booster’s Sign-Up Genius. Boosters (parents) set up and serve the meal to the students at the designated meal-time. 

  • On competition days -- Students will report to the High School for rehearsal and equipment loading. They will be transported by bus to the competition. At the competition -- Band members change into their uniform and have a final warm-up. The band marches into the performance stadium, performs their show, and marches out. After the performance, uniforms, instruments, and equipment have to be packed up, students return to the host stadium to watch the remainder of the bands performing as well as awards ceremony. If we make Finals Competition, we will prepare and perform again!

  • Students should be prepared for different weather conditions. It can be hot, rainy, and cold all in the same day! Be sure to pack a jacket for the cooler weather after the sun goes down. Students should be prepared to perform in inclement weather.

  • At the end of the competition, after awards ceremonies are over, students return to their buses and travel back to the High School where they will need to be picked up in a timely fashion.

Band Dues

$125 – ($25 of which is a non-refundable deposit due May 1st)

$25 due Aug 1

$25 due Sept 1

$25 due Oct 1

$25 (AND all remaining fees) due Nov 1

Over the course of the season, we need to cover costs for meals at all competitions as well as food and treats at some additional rehearsals, props for the show, show t-shirts, trip mileage, hotel lodging, snacks on longer bus rides, uniform cleaning, specialized instructors, show design, and miscellaneous small fees.

Additional costs – Water jug, marching shoes, marching socks, marching gloves, sticks/mallets, reeds, valve oil, cork grease, additional show shirts, color guard equipment / uniforms, school-owned instruments


Marching band is a mandatory part of the band program.  We work with coaches and other activities held at Neosho High School to coordinate between the many events that high school students are involved in.  Competition numbers will be capped to eliminate ‘holes’.  Some students may start as non-varsity members competing for a competition spot weekly, and may move to a varsity spot week-to-week based on various criteria.  These criteria include: grades, attendance, reliability, preparation, safety, and availability.  All academically eligible students perform at games, and will travel to all competitions.  All students will have the opportunity to perform in a competition setting.

Band Directors 

Mr. Duffield, Director of Instrumental Music  

Mr. Brown, Assistant Director / Jazz / Woodwinds

Ms. Gorman, Assistant Director / Junior High / Woodwinds

Mr. Robertson, Assistant Director / Middle School / Brass

For more information please visit:   or   Neosho Wildcat Band on Facebook

Sign up for text alerts by texting 




FOR JUNIOR/SENIOR PARENTS: @neoshohsbp to 81010


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