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Verdigris Jazz Festival

Verdigris Jazz Festival Itinerary

Dec 16, 2022

7:45 AM - ALL Report @ HS, Check ALL Equipment

7:55 AM - Load Bus. Please help the Rhythm Section

8:10 AM - Depart Neosho HS

9:45 AM - Arrive @ Verdigris HS / Immediately Unload

Stage Band

10:30 AM - Warmup

11:00 AM - Perform

Short Clinic Immediately Following

Studio Band

11:30 AM - Warmup

12:00 PM - Perform

Short Clinic Immediately Following


12:45 PM - Leave for Lunch

1:15 - 3:15 PM - Woodland Hills Mall

3:45 PM - Arrive back at Verdigris

4:00 PM - Watch Bands - Inola, Oogolah, CJ 1, Collinsville

6:00 PM - Awards

6:30 PM - Depart Verdigris

8:00 PM ‘ish’ - Arrive in Neosho

Dress: We will need everyone to wear ‘cool gig clothes’.

(If you played jazz at a nice restaurant… what would you wear?). No jeans, no tennis shoes, no tee shirts, no sequins/bow ties/bolo ties etc.

Lunch: We will go to a mall for lunch… so bring $$$. I recommend $10 minimum. You may also bring extra spending money. It may be a good idea to bring snacks since it will be a long day. DO NOT bring the most unhealthy food and drinks you can (especially in excess). Be smart about your health this time of the year.

Etiquette: Please be good ambassadors for the Neosho Band Program. Be humble, complimentary of others, and please… no phones out during performances or the clinic! Please DO cheer and clap for things you like in performances. Jazz is about community and having a good time. Be very receptive during the clinics!

In the mall, be chill and have fun. NO physical activity in your free time at all! Remember, follow the law and do not bring negative attention to you or your school.

Equipment: Double check that you have your music, instrument, mouthpiece, reeds/accessories, cords, etc. NO EXCUSES!!!

Rhythm Section: The festival provides vibes. Make sure you bring key parts of the drumset that you would prefer to use (instead of what the festival provides). Check on all gear before leaving Neosho and Verdigris. Bass players/guitarists, bring extra cords and be carefully loading and unloading.

* No equipment is supplied at the warm up rooms.

Parent Check-Out: Parents must sign you out in person with a director if you are not returning to Neosho on the bus! Except for prior arrangements, you must stay until the completion of the day.


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