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Jazz at the Junction

Jazz At The Junction Festival Itinerary

Friday, February 16th

2:00 PM  -  Show up to High School, Pack up and load

2:45 PM  -  Depart Neosho High School


3:20 PM    -  Arrive at Carl Junction HS

4:00 PM    -  Stage Band Warm Up

4:30 PM    -  Stage Band Performance (Gymnasium)

5:00 PM    -  Clinic


6:00 PM    -  Studio Band Warm Up

6:30 PM    -  Studio Band Performance (Auditorium) 

7:00 PM    -  Studio Band Clinic

9:00 PM    -  Director Big Band Performance

9:30 PM    -  Leave Carl Junction to return home

10:10 PM ‘ish’   -  Arrive at Neosho, unload, go home

***When not performing you will (as a group) watch other bands, or eat the chili dinner (you will need a minimum of $5-they also will have pies and other goodies).***

Dress:  Stage Band to wear ‘cool gig’ clothes.

Studio Band to wear ‘all black’

Equipment:  Double check that you have your music, instrument, reeds/accessories, etc. 

  • Check your case for everything including your mouthpiece! 

Rhythm Section: 

  • Bring Bass Amp and Chords

  • Bring drum set, cymbals, and hardware

  • They will provide a piano

  • Please bring an extra 1/4th inch chord or two.

Etiquette: Please be good ambassadors for the Neosho Band Program. Be humble, complimentary of others, and please… no phones out during performances or the clinic! Please DO cheer and clap for things you like in performances. Jazz is about community and having a good time.

Parent Check-Out: Parents must sign you out with Mr. Duffield, or Mr. Brown in person.


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