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District Solo/Ens Results

Today we had 32 band and orchestra students travel to MSSU to compete in 20 events at the SWMMEA District Solo / Ensemble contest. 8 events received Division I Superior ratings, 8 events received Division II Excellent ratings, and 4 events received Division III good ratings. Please congratulate the following students who will be traveling to the University of Missouri on April 26-27 to compete in the Missouri State Solo / Ensemble competition:

Dana Stanko

Sasha Stanko

Jack Overby (on two events)

Kai Kelso

Melia Robertson

Madison Ditzler (on two events)

Oscar Hinojosa

Julie Lara

Audrey Paige

Kyndall Davidson

Kaleb Larson

Sam Cordova

and student accompanist: Kaylie Warne-Robin

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