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JH Honor Band Results

Congratulations to the following students who made the SWMMEA JH District Honor Band:

7th Grade

Robin Chew (1st chair overall flute)

Angelica Vynyas (1st chair overall percussion)

Brinley Owens

Aspen Cooley

Andrew Wilkie

Zoe Moore

Kaylee Schibi

Angel Hinojosa

Isabel McAfee

Monica Potter

Byron Gomez

McKaylie Forest

Mat Redshaw

Anthony Briley

8th Grade

Lane Osborn (1st chair overall clarinet)

Eric Renner (1st chair overall bass clarinet)

Kiara Schibi (1st chair overall alto saxophone)

Ashley McNeill

Hailey McNeill

Colin Ortiz

These students will be participating at the SWMMEA district honor band clinic all day next Saturday, January 13th, and will be performing a concert that afternoon at Webb City HS at 4:30pm. Please congratulate these students on a job well done!

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