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8th Grade Band Night

8th grade band students will be getting a letter today with the schedule for 8th Grade Band Night held Friday, September 8th at the high school football game.

Students will meet at 3:45pm at the junior high band room in their 8th grade band shirt and blue jean pants

At 4:15 students we will depart by bus to the high school

When students arrive at the high school we will provide them pizza and drinks

After they eat we will have a short rehearsal with the high school on the north practice field

They will get a short break, and then they will march to the stadium with the high school band

At 6:45 they will perform "Paint It Black", and the "Fight Song" during a pre-game performance with the high school band.

At the conclusion of pre-game they will go into the stands with the band and perform throughout the game.

They will get to see the high school perform their halftime show and learn about the high school band program.

After the game they will march back over to the high school, and can be picked up at the high school atrium.

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