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Winter Guard MSU


Arrive to Endzone at 5:30pm in costume

Unpack at AUX gym by 5:55pm

Begin warm-up at 6 and running show chunks

Parents/friends/family/community begin enter gym at 6:40pm (and no sooner)

Perform two run throughs from 6:45pm

Pack up after run throughs

Leave by about 7:10pm

Performance Venue for Saturday: Hammons Student Center 731 Bear Blvd. Missouri State University Springfield, MO 65897


Arrive to Neosho 8:45am

Leave by 9:15am

Arrive to Unit Check at Wher Band Hall by 10:30am

Unload floor at 10:44am (strict time slot- can not arrive early) Performer holding in Wher Band Hall from 11:01am to 11:30am

While we are in our holding area we will do our stretches and across the floors

Walk from performer holding in Wher to equipment warm up area in HSC 11:30am to 11:37am

Equipment warm up from 11:37am to 11:50am

Walk to holding area and hold from 11:51am to to 12pm


We have Parkview High School assisting with our floor this weekend

Load floor IMMEDIATELY after performance 12:08PM

Return to the holding area in Wher and gather any of our items that we left!

Bring everything back to the bus

Retreat is at 2:15pm

This is where all scores will be read for the three rounds in our division

We will be represented by our captains on the floor

Lunch break is from 2:30 to 4

There is a wide selection of fast near the venue- we will decide where we eat day of

You will need your own money

We will return and watch the rest of the performances

The final group goes on at 8pm

Following the performance we will return to the bus

Leave MSU by 8:30

Return to Neosho by 9:45

Packing List:

Shirt that says “Neosho High School” somewhere on it

Khaki shorts or pants


Garment bag

Make up


Flags (flag line 3 total flags, rifle line 1 total flag)


Money for food (no outside food can be brought in and bus access may be limited)

Money for souvenirs

Extra tape


Feminine products

Water Bottle (If you’d like)

*Flip Flops/Crocs/Slip on shoes

We will be walking outside in between our holding area and our warm area. Slip on shoes of some sort are mandatory for this contest!


Please eat breakfast before arriving in the morning

Tickets are between $5 or $7

This contest (and all others moving forward) is one and done- no prelims/finals

Recording is fine from this competition onwards 🙂

There is no hallway/Homebase for us to store your stuff!

We will keep personal items on the bus and only keep essentials on your person

Spectator parking is in Bear Park North (parking garage two blocks north of the spectator entrance to the venue)

Spectators will enter from the E. Monroe St. Entrance


We will be on a college campus near a busy area of Springfield, so anyone can be walking around campus at any given time!


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