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Water Bottle Order

People have asked about having custom water bottles with the band logo. I did not have this on the original order form so I am including an addendum order form below. We can have 30 ounce stainless steel water bottles with the band logo on them for $25. You are not required to have this water bottle, but are required to have a water bottle for band camp. To have these by band camp (July 27 percussion/guard/leadership, or August 1st freshmen, or August 2nd for the rest of the band) then I will need to get this order in relatively soon. The google form will only allow you to have one response per email address. If you have siblings in band then fill it out for each individual with their student email address please. The water bottle is a unique thing for Wildcat Pride Marching Band students only. I will stop accepting responses on June 15.

Students: please fill out the short order form here:


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