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Jazz Social

“The Jazz Social” Itinerary

Saturday April 1st, 2023

Location: Hidden Grace Venue

11936 Hammer Road

Neosho, MO

Studio Band

11:45 AM - Arrive at HS for any equipment needed

12:30 PM - Arrive at Hidden Grace / Set-Up for Sound Check

1:00 PM - Sound Check (Studio Band only)

Stage Band

1:30 PM - Arrival at Hidden Grace Venue

Equipment - Grab your stuff on Thurs/Fri before leaving school

OR grab it Saturday from 11:45 AM to 12:20 PM


2:00 PM - Social Hour w/ hors d’oeuvres

3:00 PM - Matinee Jazz Concert; short set lists; JH, Stage, Studio

4:00 PM - Set-up for next concert; Short break when complete

Snacks provided during this time!!!

5:00 PM - Social Hour w/ hors d’oeuvres

6:00 PM - Evening Jazz Concert; long set lists; Stage, Studio

7:00 PM - Take-Down Setup and Pack Up

Move things back to HS at earliest convenience

JH Jazz Cats

2:00 PM - Arrival at Hidden Grace Venue & Social Hour w/ hors d’oeuvres

3:00 PM - Matinee Jazz Concert; short setl ists; JH, Stage, Studio

4:00 PM - Set-up for next concert; Short break when complete


HS Cool Gig Clothes… anything you wear must be considered dress clothes… no jeans, street shoes, t-shirts, etc. If you are not sure, ask a senior, leader, or band director! If you don’t have any Cool Gig Clothes then it’s Concert Black. Anyone not in proper clothes will be sent home to change immediately… no exceptions! We will always help anyone needing dress clothes if communicated ahead of time.

JH Dress nice in concert black and white. White dress shirts and blouses, black slacks, black socks (knee length or longer, and black dress shoes. Ladies black dress pants or skirt knee length or longer with black hose. You also can accessorize with some blue if you like.


  • Hors d’oeuvres are for people who have bought tickets. Do not take them unless you have purchased a ticket!

  • Everyone will stay at the performance location unless directed otherwise.

  • No personal use of cell phones permitted unless you are taking videos/pictures of friends. (This was not done well at Pitt State)

  • Always be kind and courteous to our audience and guests. Say hi, smile with eye contact… make someone’s day pleasant.

  • 100% of the focus should be on performing groups. If you are not performing, please help make this possible through your behavior.


  • All rhythm equipment

  • Stage Pass, Power Cord, and Speaker Stands

  • Microphones, Stands, and Cords

  • All Music (Organized in setlist order)

  • Instruments w/ all accessories necessary (extra reeds)

Parent Check-Out: You will stay during all above times as listed of this itinerary. When high school is done performing the evening concert, you will not check out until we are done packing/loading. Please let your parents know (before Saturday) of what is expected of you. If your parents are in a hurry… Everyone better pack up fast.


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