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HS Concert Auditions

Concert auditions for the high school bands are coming up and will be happening during class sometime in the weeks after Thanksgiving break, but before we go on winter break. Students should be able to perform their scales is as much of a range as they are capable of in the district rhythm (one octave, two octave, three octave, etc.). Concert C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab are the scales expected. There will be a short sight reading for each instrument as well. In addition there are prepared excerpts from Celebrations. Those excerpts are as follows:

Flutes - measures 28-53

Clarinets - measures 28-53

Oboes - measures 68-80

Bass Clarinets - pickup to m51-68, & pickup to m15-20

Alto Saxophones - Beginning-28

Tenor Saxophones - Beginning-28

Bari Saxophones - pickup to m34-40, pickup to m64-72, & measures 113-120

Trumpets - measures 68-80, & measures 129-142

French Horns - measures 7-13, & measures 76-86

Trombones - Beginning-13, & measures 76-80

Baritones - Beginning-13, & pickup to m51-57, & measures 76-80

Tubas - Beginning-13, & pickup to m51-57, & measures 76-80

Percussion - snare Beginning-13, mallets measures 28-33, & measures 76-80


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