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Holiday Parades

We have two holiday parades coming up:

The Neosho Parade on December 3 will begin at 5pm. Students will need to report to the corner of College and Brook with their instrument by 4:30pm. The band room will be open by 3:30 for students to come in get their instrument and transport to the parade.

The Goodman Parade on December 10 will begin at 6pm. Students will need to report to the high school by 4pm to get their instrument, load the trailer, and bus down to the parade route. Students that live in Goodman could check in and out with a director and their parent at the parade but will need to make sure they get whatever equipment they need to the parade.

Both parades we will not be wearing uniforms. We are asking students to dress festive, and warm. The boosters have Santa and Elf hats they can also wear during the parade.


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