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Color Guard WGI KC


Students will arrive to school at 6PM for hair and make up checks

Please arrive with hair and make-up done.

6:15PM we will sweep/vacuum the tarp

Warm up will begin shortly after

We could perform anywhere from 7pm to 8:15pm (depending on when the other games end)


Students arrive at Neosho High School between 4:45 and 5AM


Depart 5:15AM (we may leave earlier depending on when the bus driver arrives)

Drive Time: 2:45 to 3 hours

No stops on the way there

Arrive at Blue Springs (Unit check-in) no later than 8:15Am

2000 NW Ashton Drive

Blue Springs MO 64015

Unload tarp: 8:20Am

Walk to our area: 8:40AM

Pre stretch 8:45Am

Dance warm up 8:50

Across the floors 8:55-9:03

Gather equipment and walk to physical warm up 9:05 to 9:10Am

9:11 Body warm up

9:18 Transition

9:19 Equipment warm up

9:26 Transition

9:30 Ready area

9:37 Perform

9:45 Load the floor

Return to our area and drop off any excess stuff

Change if time allows

10 meet at Branson's floor

10:12 help Branson with their floor

10:20 Change if we haven't yet

10:47 Watch UCM’s guard

Continue watching guards for the rest of the day- last guard performs at 5:13

12:22 Lunch break, meet in our area at the start of lunch break to discuss if we made finals or not

If we don’t make finals: After last prelims performance, gather the rest of our stuff from our area and report to the bus

Fully loaded by 5:45PM

Leave by 6PM

Arrive at Neosho no later than 9:30PM

Make finals

Be back in costume by around 5:40 (depending on our time slot) and begin stretching

Go through the warm up process again- Perform between 6:30PM and 7:05PM.

Load after performing

Immediately go to our area grab stuff and depart

Depart no later than 40 minutes after our performance time

Arrive to Neosho between 10 and 10:30

Packing List:

Shirt that says “Neosho High School” somewhere on it

Khaki shorts or pants

Costume (Will be on when you arrive to Neosho HS)

Make up

Flags (flag line 3 total flags, rifle line 1 total flag)


Money for food (no outside food can be brought in and bus access may be limited)

Money for souvenirs

Extra tape

Band aids

Feminine products

Additional Information

  • Tickets are $15 for prelims and finals separately, $23 for both.

  • WGI events have a strict policy when it comes to recording performances

    • If an audience member is caught recording by event staff, they will be approached and asked to delete the video. Refusal to do so will result in penalties for our group and potential disqualification. (Every other competition we go to is free reign to record and take pictures)

  • No outside food is allowed

  • There are concession stands and souvenirs available so bring money if interested!

  • There will a professional photographer there taking action shots during the performance

  • here is the link to WGI KC event page where you can find:

    • Schedules

    • Contact info for staff at the event

    • Maps and Diagrams

      • Scroll down to “contest packet” and you should find 90% of the info you (Always feel free to ask a director for anymore questions though)


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