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Cancellations and Planning

There are a number of events that have been cancelled. We are working on potential alternative performance opportunities and at home activities to enhance musicianship. We will be getting some of that together today and this week. For now the following events are cancelled:

District Solo/Ensemble Contest State Large Group Contest Mid-American Music Festival (JH Solo/Ensemble) KC Jazz Summit HS Percussion @MSSU

State Solo/Ensemble Contest

4-States Honor Band

Middle School Spring Awards Concert

Update April 6:

The following events are also cancelled:

Pasta & Jazz Dinner Concert Fundraiser

2020-2021 Beginner Band Information/Sign-Up Night

Elementary Jazz Tour

HS Spring Awards Concert

JH Spring Awards Concert

We are looking to reschedule our 2020-2021 Beginner Band Information/Sign-Up Night to a Facebook Live event that we will also share here. More information coming soon.

All other calendar items are remaining untouched 'for now'. Any updates we will post here.

We will get information out to you with any additional cancellations as well as provide you with some great material to work on while at home. We hope everyone stays healthy, busy, and positive as we move forward.

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