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District Orchestra

Congratulations to the following students selected to the district honor symphony orchestra which will be held Saturday November 2nd:

Averil Aulick - 1st Violin

Kayley Hagan - 1st Violin

Clarissa Murillo - 2nd Violin

Alexandra Paige - Cello

Leann Isaac - Cello

Eileen Hayes - Cello

Hadyn Riggs - Bass

Anderson Winslow-Kephart - Bass

Oscar Hinojosa - Flute

Nikki Fears - Oboe

Madison Ditzler - Clarinet

Daylen Cobb - Clarinet

Nate Wimpey - French Horn

Abby Burns - French Horn

Audrey Paige - Percussion

Blake Garwood - Percussion

Serenity Mayfield - Percussion

Liz Granados - Percussion

And Eliza Cockrell on cello selected to the junior high district honor symphony orchestra

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