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Wildcat Pride Marching Band Review

The Wildcat Pride Marching Band is off to a great start to their 2016 marching season. Here we are posting achievements from this year as well as a direct comparison to the same competition from the previous year.

Seneca Marching Festival

Prelims - Best Percussion, Best Guard, Best Winds, 1st in class overall

Finals - Best Percussion, Best Guard, Best Winds, Best Drum Major, 1st overall

(2015 - Best Percussion, Best Guard, Best Drum Major, 1st in class, 2nd overall)

Valhalla Marching Festival

Prelims - 3rd in class

Finals - 2nd in Percussion, 3rd in General Effect, 5th overall

(2015 - 4th in class, 9th overall)

Pryor Marching Festival

Prelims - Best in Class, Best Guard, Best Music, 2nd Overall

Finals - 6th Overall

(2015 - Best in Class, 5th Overall)

KC Championships

Prelims - 4th in Class

Finals - 8th Overall

(2015 - 6th in Class, 9th Overall)

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