High School Chair Auditions

December 15, 2016

High School chair auditions will take place the week of January 9-13.  Here is the information for your audition.


High School Symphonic/Concert Chair Auditions:

Concert Band

Flutes - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 1 m68-83

Clarinets - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 1 m68-83

Altos - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 1 m90-end

Tenors - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 2 m79-86

Trumpets - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 1 m84-92

Horn - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 1 m90-93

Trombone - Rivers m70-75

Baritone - Contrasto Grosso Mvt. 2 m79-86

Tubas - Rivers m47-52


Symphonic Band

Flutes - Arabian Dances m216-227

Clarinets - Arabian Dances m216-227

Altos - Arabian Dances m216-227

Tenors - Arabian Dances m208-215

Trumpets - Arabian Dances m208-215

Horns - Arabian Dances m64-79

Trombone - The Cave You Fear m79-87

Baritones - Arabian Dances m172-287

Tubas - The Cave You Fear m79-87


In addition to the excerpts you will be asked to play any of the following scales (one octave minimum):


Concert C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab (and their relative melodic minor equivalents)


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